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How it all started

Commercial Photography takes several forms but at the heart of it all is the creation of high-quality photos for commercial application. Here are types of commercial photography clients hire me for: Why commercial photography is essential for your business Professional commercial photography enables your business to stay one step ahead of your competition and helps you to put your best foot forward.

Businesses who invest in commercial photography become more reputable as a result. Ultimately, your professional imagery reflects your goods and service and tells potential clients you are operating with a level of professionalism. If that is not enough, here are few further benefits of professional commercial photography:

• Professional Headshots   

• Corporate events

• Product photography

• Location shots

• Fashion photography

• Photos for marketing

• Visual storytelling

• E-commerce photography

• Stock photo creation

• Highly shareable images

• Personal to your business

• Cost-effective overall

• Less hassle

• Photos tell your story

• Increase brand awareness

• Photos are digital assets

• Boosts your social media

• You look professional 

About Halifax, West Yorkshire Freelance Commercial Branding Photographer Danny Thompson

Hello, I’m Danny Thompson. I am a photographer who provides companies, charities and entrepreneurs with high-end photographs. I work as an integral part of both large and small businesses capturing professional images from staff headshots to products and events, either in the studio, at your office or on location. My clients hire me to develop their brand photography which keeps their imagery consistent and professional across all marketing applications.

Professional Headshots

Branding - Telling your Story

They say a picture paints a thousand words, with photography it’s more than that, it’s a story. In today’s fast-paced market it has become more vital than ever to share who you are, what you do and how you do it. Be that over social media, email marketing, your website or in a printed brochure, stunning imagery play an integral role.

The story you tell and the images you use are essential to your business. Having the right library of images you can call upon when creating marketing materials that are professionally shot, sets you apart from your competition. When others opt for generic overused stock photography you have an arsenal of images that are unique and specifically styled to your brand. I can help your business by capturing shots that showcase the quality and craftsmanship of your products, the people within your organisation and build you a catalogue of shots for your social media and website. All of the photography is totally bespoke to your business and enables you to look professional and tell your story.

Product Photography

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Off The Grain - Dom Walsh -Video Testimonial

Optimal - Mel Stead - Video Testimonial

Halifax Panthers - Lee Kenny - Video Testimonial

Community Foundation of Calderdale - Rachel Oates - Video Testimonial

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